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Toddler Playhouse H14′ x L18’xW20’

Recommended for ages 1 – 4
The inflatable Toddler Playhouse is very popular for the infant groups. This Toddler inflatable offers different objects including a climber, slide, and popups The Toddler inflatable is great for ages 1 to 4 ONLY!


Giant Slide H21’ x L27’ x W15′

Recommended for all ages
The attention-getting dry slide is sure to bring everyone running and keep them sliding at your next event! Participants can climb up 21 feet for a sleek and fast drop to the cushioned bottom, guaranteed to satisfy thrill seekers young and old. With a colorful red, purple, green and yellow theme, this dry slide will match any theme or décor, and be an eye-catching attraction.


Monster Dry Slide H18′ x L35’ x W13’

Recommended for all ages
The impressive Double Lane slide is a dual dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together up the center climb, and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom


Castle Obstacle Course H20′ x L60’ x W11’

Recommended for all ages
he 60′ long Castle Obstacle Course is a 2 person race through obstacles with push through, crawl through, pop ups, climber and a slide. This is great for all types of events and good for all ages. Rent this giant obstacle course for your next event and having a racing good time, great for large crowds.


The Joust H12′ x L25’ x W25’

Recommended for ages 6- and up
Made popular on TV’s “American Gladiators”, this competitive game pits two Gladiators doing battle against each other atop inflatable pedestals in an inflatable arena. Who will be the first to be knocked off balance and off their pedestal by a blow from their opponents foam padded joust pole!


Monster Obstacle Course H12′ x L35’ x W12’

Recommended for all ages
This oversized inflatable play structure has a bright and colorful theme of yellow, red and blue, perfect for high-traffic days. The Monster Obstacle Course is set up for friendly competition play, with dual entrances and exits. This impressive structure measures over 12’6″ feet tall, and features mesh sides for easy viewing from beginning to end.

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